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  • psych2go:

    Fact/Myth? Find out here: Read More

    I have this.

  • Thank you for your words. The really helped me. I appreciate it. God bless you.

    *hugs!* paradise Micah! Paradise! Keep your head up, deary but it’s also okay to be sad just don’t let it consume you. *some more hugs and tight hug squeezes!*

  • humansofnewyork:

    "She taught me how to dance. We actually met at a graduation party. I was the only one not on the dance floor, and her friend bet her that she couldn’t get me to dance. I’d already said ‘no’ to ten girls, but she talked me into it. We were together 55 years. She died eight years ago, but I still dance every day."

    (Mexico City, Mexico)

  • ifyoucarryonthisway:

    the fact that a girl being a feminist is a turn off to a lot of guys is just further proof that sexism exists they’re literally saying they don’t want a girl who requires respect because that’s just no fun 

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  • lolitadesu:

    Since Halloween is around the corner Imma repost my backgrounds I made last year! uwu feel free to use them~

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